## Pashmina Silk Scarf for Men 12x60" (LC024 BLACK)

Pashmina Silk Scarf for Men 12x60" (LC024 BLACK)

This 12"x60" scarf is the perfect size for wearing underneath a Winter coat or to add some style over a crew neck sweater. Our scarf is hand-loomed by the fine artisan weavers of Nepal - we do not utilize any synthetic fibers in our pashmina cashmere scarves or shawls and none are produced in China. This hard-to-find quality grade of 80% Bhaju pashmina and 20% fine silk fiber (210) makes this scarf ultra-soft and luxurious.

Pashmina Silk Scarf for Men 12x60" (LC024 BLACK)

  • 12" W x 60" L with hand-knotted 3" fringe
  • Hand-loomed in Nepal
  • 80% high-quality bhaju pashmina cashmere with 20% fine silk
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Member of Crafts Center Int'l serving third World artisans

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