## KJUS Fuel Mens Vest 2013

KJUS Fuel Mens Vest 2013

This insulated and lightweight Fuel Vest is designed by KJUS and is insulated with 60g of PrimaLoft SPORT insulation, making this Fuel Vest the ideal choice for your winter layering needs. The soft 100% polyester exterior fabric combined with the 100% polyester lining provides the breathability, warmth, moisture management and wind resistance needed to provide you with the protection from the outdoor elements day after day, with no worries. The performance stretch inserts provide you with the freedom of movement while the articulated elbows add durability with an ergonomic fit no matter which

KJUS Fuel Mens Vest 2013

  • PrimaLoft SPORT Insulation
  • Performance Stretch for Freedom of Movement and Breathability
  • Soft Exterior Fabric
  • Elastic Soft Bindings with Embossed Logo
  • Chest Pocket Zipper

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