@@ Filson Men's Alaskan Guide Shirt - Blue M

Filson Men's Alaskan Guide Shirt - Blue M

You don't have to be guide, or even play one on TV to wear the Men's Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt. This beefy 100% cotton twill long sleeve is renowned for its rugged durability and mountain man good looks. A pleated back, relaxed shoulders and large armholes provide plenty of freedom and unrestricted movement. The front closes with seven distinctive "C.C. Filson Co. 1897 buttons, as do the two expandable chest pockets (perfect for fly boxes) and the adjustable button cuffs. The straight collar maintains the traditional heritage and there's a hanging loop for easy storage. Wilderness life is tou

Filson Men's Alaskan Guide Shirt - Blue M

  • Pleated back.
  • 7 button front closure.
  • 2 expandable pockets with button flap closures.
  • Adjustable button cuffs.
  • Straight collar.

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